Introducing the HRoundtable: Are you connected?

​​In a world of extreme digital disruption, meaningful human connections matter. The HRoundtable exists as a resource and community hub for HR leaders that are committed to engaging in the future of work together. We're made up of two distinct groups of change agents: senior leaders and strategic partners. Our members are committed to exchanging new, progressive ideas that sometimes fall outside of our working spaces. Working together, we stretch the thinking behind and expectations about our capabilities within the HR community.

Sonya is a successful, solution-oriented entrepreneur with keen focus on the intersection of people and business.  She cares deeply about her clients and their success. She is a life-long learner so facilitating the HRoundtable Strategic Partners has allowed her to mentor and coach an intact team.  She has deep experience in leading HR and now her own firm for the past five years. 

Senior Leaders Group

Led by Sherry Benjamins

Our members have primary roles in helping their organizations mobilize, build, and value talent. They are forward-looking, and drive change so that performance, purpose, and productivity thrives. They are success-oriented and understand the importance of teams, relationships, and managing risk in uncharted waters.

​​​Navigating the Future: Culture, Leadership and Technology

Focusing on the areas of talent, innovation, technology leadership and story-telling, we will explore the challenges and evolutions occurring in leadership structures and risk taking.

  • ​How leaders builds company value with a link to talent?
  • How is distributed authority transforming the workplace?
  • How is culture defined when acquisitions are a constant?
  • How can we support risk taking?

The HRoundtable is a project of S. Benjamins & Company, Inc.

2018 Themes

Strategic Partners Group

Led by Sonya Kemp

​Driven by self-improvement, our members are passionate about having an impact in a changing, new work of world. They are fierce learners and are enthusiastic about engaging within and beyond their community.​​​

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Moving Forward on the Link between Data, People, Purpose and Performance

Each session focuses on three segments – First, we introduce a new thought leader or idea that generates forward thinking ideas.  Second, we discuss how this new perspective impacts our business or role as HR Leaders.  Lastly, we take time to ask others in the group for feedback, share dilemmas, lessons learned and brainstorm possibilities. 

  • How Diversity & Inclusion both unlock new talent pools and challenges current constructs​
  • ​​How Data Analytics is redefining HR's required competency
  • How AI in the future will shape work and workplaces
  • ​​How to Lead with Purpose at every level

About us!

Sherry believes that there is one operating principle that matters — building relationships. Over 20 years, she has led her company to bring great talent to great companies. Sherry founded the HRoundtable fifteen years ago with a group of inspiring, curious HR leaders who believed that community and learning from each other made us better and more effective. It also accelerated our ability to coach and contribute to the business.  She is passionate about making a difference, seeing ideas come to life, and inspiring others to be bold. 

Participating companies include...

The Walt Disney Company, Pacific Life, Capital Group Companies, Core Digital Media, Orora Packaging, First Direct Lending, Edwards Lifesciences, The New Home Company, Youngs Market, Core Digital Media and Experian.